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The Best Type of Jewelry To Compliment Your Face Shape

Determining Your Face Shape

Just like certain types of clothing jewelry can trick the eye to help your face look thinner, longer, shorter, etc. If you are not sure what type of face shape you have a good way to find out is to pull all of your hair back and look straight into a mirror. Then take a dry erase marker, or fog up your mirror and use your finger and trace the outline of your face. This can also be done by taping a piece of tracing paper to your mirror and using a pencil to outline.

The following will give you examples as to what your face shape may be.  You will also find advice for the Bride to be. Examples of the most flattering neck line and jewelry is given. One thing for all Brides to be to keep in mind besides your face shape when choosing your jewelry is the dress. You will want your jewelry to match the designs and patterns within the dress. For example a more ornate gown can support more ornate jewelry.

Facial Shapes

The OVAL face usually has an equal distance from the hairline to the eyebrow and from the eyebrow to the chin. It is slightly longer than it is wide.
This shape of face can wear almost any style of neckline or  jewelry style. as long as it is in proportion with the rest of your body. You just may want to avoid really long earrings, they will make your face look even longer.

If a Bride with an oval face wears her hair up it will show off her facial shape best and will give her the opportunity to have matching hair jewelry.

ROUND face shapes are exactly that, with an equal distance all the around with the nose being the center point. People with a round shape of face will want to wear clothing and jewelry that will draw the eye of the looker vertically giving a lengthening illusion.
 You will want to choose a neckline that is longer than it is wide. A V-neck would be a good example.
For necklaces you want to avoid chokers or collar length necklaces. Longer necklaces will draw the eyes downward giving a lengthening illusion. For earrings the long styles work best for this shape of face. Dangles, drops and other vertically angular designs.
For the Brides to be, you will need a deep plunging V-neck. A small tiara or head piece will help lengthen the look of your face.

The RECTANGULAR or OBLONG face is longer than it is wide, the width at the forehead, cheekbones and chin are almost the same width.
With this face shape you want to give it a shorter appearance. Wearing strong horizontal lines will make your face appear more oval, so you want a wide neckline. A strapless or off the shoulders would be good examples. You want to avoid long plunging neck lines.
Short necklaces such as chokers or princess lengths (17 to 19 inches) are what works best with this face shape.
Large bold styles and chandelier earrings go well with this shape as well as large curvy rounds or other large shapes. Just remember you want to give your face some width.
The Bride will want to wear a high neck line with a short necklace and dramatic earrings. A wreath style headdress or other head pieces such as a fascinator or a beaded ornament should be worn at the temples or above the ears.

SQUARE faces have strong jaw lines. The distance from the top of the face to the chin matches the width of the face. The width of the face at the forehead, cheekbones and chin are the same. This face shape needs to create the appearance of curves and lengthening to soften the strong jaw line. V-necks, scoops and sweetheart neck lines all work well with this shape.
All long length of necklaces compliment this shape, especially if you have a short neck. Choose pendants or focal with curvy or swirling designs or shapes.
Large oval hoops or long drop earrings are perfect for this face shape. Avoid short or wide earrings.
 Brides need to choose low necklines with gentle curves. The addition of long necklace lengths will create a vertical visual. Hair pieces at the top of the head will also lengthen the face. Tiaras work well with this shape. A single side hairpiece such as a fascinator that has gentle curves will also help lengthen the face.

The HEART-SHAPED face has a wide brow and narrow chin. The width of the face at the forehead and cheekbones is greater than the width of the chin. Creating the illusion of narrowing the forehead and widening the jaw is complimentary. The ideal neckline to wear would be the boat neck, crew, turtle necks or off the shoulder. Choose one that compliments your body shape.
This shape of face needs a shorter necklace length. Chokers and collar lengths are ideal. Short bib styles are another option.
Triangular, teardrops, dangles or whatever earrings that will put the widest part near your jaw line. The object here is to widen the chins appearance. Avoid long dangle earrings.
Brides need to wear high neck lines with gentle curves accompanied by a short necklace and teardrop earrings would be ideal. Veils that hang to the chin such as a birdcage veil for example will help widen the chin.

Necklines & Jewelry Choices


The jewelry types given for each neckline are suggestions as to what looks best. Nothing is written in stone or a law! If you love it then wear it!

First of all I will give you the types of necklaces and their length. This will help you know the names of the different lengths.
  • Collar  14 to 17 inches
  • Choker  16 to 18 inches
  • Princess 17 to 19 inches
  • Matinee 20 to 25 inches
  • Opera  26 to 36 inches
  • Rope 37 inches or longer

Cowl neck

The cowl already has enough going on at the neckline. If one were to wear a necklace it would make the neckline look to heavy or busy. It is best to showcase some long pretty earrings with this type of neckline.

Halter neck

The Halter neckline looks best with a necklace that is either choker or princess length (14-19 inches) that has a slim, elongated pendant.
Crew Neck
If it is a dressy crew neck blouse then the suggestions to wear with it would be Bib or Collar style necklaces. If it is a crewneck casual T-shirt then I honestly think anything goes!
Blouses with a collar look best with a choker length (14-17 inches) necklace or any short length necklace with a short pendant attached.
Turtle Neck

The Turtleneck blouse looks very nice with a long chain or a necklace with a long style pendant.

Strapless blouses tend to look best with a choker style necklace (14-18 in.). A good example would be a Cameo Choker.

The Sweetheat neckline looks really sweet with a Princess or Matinee length necklace or pendant (17 to 25 in.) as long as it ends around an inch or more above the neckline. A necklace made with carved beads,  crystals & seed beads or a necklace that has a lacy or filigree look to it will finish off the romantic look that this type of neckline suggests.
V Neck

V neck style shirts will be complimented by a V shaped pendant. The necklace can be any length as long as the pendant is above the neck line.
Off Shoulder

The Off shoulder neck line looks best with any asymmetric ( lacking symmetry; misproportioned) necklace as long as it is above the neckline.
Scoop Neck

The Scoop neck looks nice with a short pendant type necklace.  Beaded and Statement necklaces will also complement this neckline.
Square Neckline
Angular type pendants look best with this type of neckline. I personally think any style pendant would look nice as long as it is above the neckline, but what do I know? :)

Boat Neck

Matinee (20-25 in.), Opera (26-36 in.) and Rope (37 in. or longer) go best with the boat neck, They can either be beaded, chain or a combination of the both!

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